2018, The spirit of the wolf is reborn ...

Following different lives and musical paths since 2000, founder members of LEIDEN and IN LUPUS PACIS are now gathering for a brand new musical journey.

First of all, ULVAND trio is about real friendship and a strong will overtaking hard life experiences and self-questioning. Healing doubts and pain, time strengthened certainty, the will to walk together again and build this project as a real spiritual quest with sharing and sincerity as master words.

ULVAND (literally « wolf spirit ») refers to this complex animal in the collective unconscious mind, both cruel and protective, often feared and hunted, rarely understood but always brave and mysterious, forcing the admiration of men. Wolf spirit is about loyalty, courage and respect.

Both music and lyrics of the trio are full of those noble values, sharing and building a true lifestyle. Far from standards, ULVAND’s dark metal is modern and powerful. Electro sounds, programmed drums, classical landscapes (cellos, violins, organs and percussions), heavy guitars and bass carry a meaningful duet voices. Strong male growls and ethereal female vocals both collide and complement each other in a beautiful musical dance. ULVAND’s music is powerful, melancholic and dark, with atmospheric and symphonic elements.
After the recording of a two-track pre-production, ULVAND is working on their first E.P, scheduled for 2020.

After recording a pre-production 2 tracks, ULVÅND released its first E.P "The Origins" in March 2020.

Line-up :
Béran : vocals
Serge (autor) : vocals, bass
Wilfried (composer) : programming, guitares

French English